Skills = New (work) currency!

The Idea
It all started with the idea of a salary model called "the Skill-Box-Model" for skill-based salary. The model was developed for startups and founders. The idea grew. Now its an overall mindest for new work.

The New Generation
Employees want to work in a transparent and value-adding enviroment where they can work in their passion. They dont work for a "company" anymore. They work for a vision, the big picture. They get their happyness and satisfaction from working with an inspiring team, great talents or/and founder next to them. 

But we are still on a marketplace!

Skills are the modern currency of each employee. Learning, developing, improving and the gift of human curiosity are the relevant topics to keep yourself "skilled" and hungry for knowledge. Both sides (Company and employee) will benefit from a growing learning culture.

Company Perspective
Out there? War for talents - in its fullest. Stay competitive as a company and in your full potential by investing some time and attention on the skill development of your team. Talented people want to work with other talentes and experts. So this is also a winning factor in your employeer branding.
What can we do? This process is individual and the relevant skills are really different. Let's find out together about how your company could implement this mindset. 

In our mindset, people develop their skills with the help of a stable HR structure, that offers an inspiring learning culture. Additionally, we learn in good workshops, coachings and while meeting experts in the relevant network or on events. That's why I put all that together in my daily work as a symbiosis. Itsaboutskills is a consultancy with more than one perspective.